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From 2009 to 2013 I taught film production at Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center. In 2013 I moved on from teaching to run Voortex Productions full time. My love for teaching continues in the form of workshops, classes and trainings.

Upcoming Workshops:

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ClickCon | August 5 & 6, 2019 | Chicago, IL

Welcome to ClickCon – A photography and videography conference where the community comes together to innovate, create and collaborate.

ClickCon is featuring some of the best speakers and educators from all over the world. Over 100 models for you to use to help build your portfolio, over 50 scenic and historic Chicago locations for you to photograph your models in, themed workshops and excursions, scavenger hunts, an interactive trade-show floor with hourly prizes, the top vendors and pros, themed shooting bays and all the latest camera gear available for you to try out.

If this isn’t enough, the best part about this conference is that IT’S A HANDS-ON CONFERENCE! This means most classes will be taught all around Chicago and not in a classroom. You will be able to get real hands-on instruction and learn some amazing new techniques side by side with the pro instructors and building an amazing portfolio for yourself.

Never has more been offered at a photography and videography conference. Tickets are limited so don’t miss this opportunity and get your register for ClickCon now!

I can come to you

In house trainings are perfect for entrepreneurs, marketing directors or any crew/staff member that is tasked with connecting their brand to their audience through photography or video. For an individual staff member or teammates, up to six people. (For larger groups, contact us about pricing.)

Customized classes on topics such as:

Intro to Video Production Learn the basics of operating a camera: Light, composition, angle, sound and more.

Cinematography The art of cinematography as it differs from videography. Explore techniques that evoke emotion and give purpose to a film. An overview of media formats, equipment and lenses to achieve particular looks and styles.      

Lighting & Sound Learn how to incorporate quality light as well as know what to avoid that can hurt a film, light and sound can truly determine the difference between a quality work of art and an unsuccessful piece.  

Storytelling A good story is everything. This class will breakdown storytelling structures and shine light on effective techniques when telling stories and how it can then be told through film.

Editing A technical breakdown of the editing process in Adobe Premiere Pro. Focusing on a variety of techniques will set the foundation for a post production skill set. 


1 hour consultation/training/mini class $400

1 time class (4 hours)   $1,500

4 class package (4 hours each)   $5,000

Check-in feedback consultation (30 minutes)  $200 

  • travel not included. Mileage billed at standard IRS mileage rates from Wenatchee, WA.