Working as a filmmaker and business owner for the past 14 years has taught me the importance of connecting with people and the world around me, to see every moment and interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’m a believer in common ground. There is nothing like a good story, honestly told, to unite people across town, or across the globe. I’m also a passionate explorer. I think of it as my job to get inspired by stories in unlikely places, uncovering details and moving past simple stereotypes. Everybody has something great inside of them if you listen carefully. I love sharing stories in an effort to build momentum and pride.  

When I speak to an audience or teach a class, I apply the same principles. Explore, find likeness, listen. I strive to share my enthusiasm and perseverance with my audience in an honest and relatable way. I hope to inspire people to care for the world around them and for the people in their lives. To live out their own story with inspiration and passion for what they do.

I am a filmmaker/photographer, former competitive skateboarder and snowboarder, video store owner, coffee shop owner and high school film production teacher. I now own and operate Voortex Productions. I consider it a privilege to help people learn how to get to the essence of their message, and how to authentically showcase the stories in our lives.  If you'd like to learn more, here's a little video about me.


I enjoy speaking about effective marketing and branding through storytelling at events of all kinds. 


I love to help individuals and companies capture attention, add clarity to your brands through the fine art of emotive storytelling. When speaking to an audience I strive to share my enthusiasm, perseverance and knowledge in an honest, humble, and relatable way.

I'm often told that I have a transparent style, my keynote presentations have sparked interest in students, film enthusiasts, and business leaders, leaving them ready to tell their story. I can speak at corporate conferences, youth programs, specialty groups, or private sessions. 

"Storytelling" is a buzz word in this day and age. In my keynote presentation I can define what I mean by story, share why storytelling is more important now than ever in business to connect with people and move them to action. I can share how I go about telling an emotive story. That, when done effectively, your listener becomes more engaged and eager to share your story. I can share insight on how we all have a story to tell, and help you find stories in unusual places.


Foster the storyteller within you

In my presentation, topics will include:

* Understanding the value of strategic storytelling— how to fully take advantage of it
* Gain clarity on what a story actually is — a nuance lost in the sensationalism of the word
* How to use story to connect shared values with employees and customers
* Learn how to find your unique stories within each brand and/or individual
* Selling without being sleazy
* Breakdown the visual Storytelling Process
* Study different stories and the various ways they're told

Groups of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter if you have eight or eight thousand in attendance, whether your group is corporate professionals or high school students, I can adapt to your audience. Each conference attendee will leave with new storytelling tools and techniques that they can apply immediately to advance their personal and professional missions further, faster.

Interpreting the world through the lens

I find the most joy while shooting nature and wildlife.

When I'm not speaking, exploring and gallivanting with my family, I pour the rest of my energy into my companies. 

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